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Meaning of INTERPOL

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: AL, ANZUS Council, Arab League, ASPAC, BIS, British Commonwealth, CACM, CENTO, Central Treaty Organization, Cheka, Colombo Plan, Common Market, Commonwealth of Nations, constabulary, Council of Europe, county police, ECSC, EEC, EFTA, Euratom, European Economic Community, FBI, French Community, Gestapo, highway patrol, ICRC, LAFTA, law enforcement agency, military police, Mounties, MP, MVD, NATO, NKVD, Nordic Council, OAS, OAU, OCAM, OECD, OGPU, OPEC, police, police force, political police, posse, provincial police, RCMP, riot police, Scotland Yard, SEATO, secret police, security force, shore patrol, SP, special police, state police, tactical police, troopers, vigilance committee, vigilantes, Warsaw Pact, WCC