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on a higher floor
on a lower floor
on a regular basis
on air
on all fours
on an individual basis
on an irregular basis
on and off
on approval
on average
on base
on camera
on dit
on duty(p)
on earth
on faith
on fire(p)
on guard
on hand(p)
on her own(p)
on his own(p)
on it
on land
on leave
on occasion
on one hand
on one's guard(p)
on one's own(p)
on paper
on purpose
on request
on tap(p)
on that
on that point
on the alert(p)
on the average
on the books
on the button
on the contrary
on the dot
on the face of it
on the far side
on the fence(p)
on the fly
on the go(p)
on the hook(p)
on the job(p)
on the loose(p)
on the move(p)
on the nose
on the offensive(p)
on the one hand
on the other hand
on the q.t.
on the qt
on the qui vive
on the quiet(p)
on the road
on the side