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in an editorial
in an elaborate way
in and an
in and of itself
in antis
in any case
in any event
in apposition
in arrears
in arrears(p)
in attendance(p)
in awe of
in bondage
in bonds(p)
in both ears
in breadth(p)
in brief
in camera
in case
in chains(p)
in charge
in check
in childbed(a)
in chorus
in circles
in cold blood
in collaboration
in color(p)
in commendam
in commission
in common
in concert
in conclusion
in condition
in condition(p)
in darkness
in demand(p)
in depth(p)
in detail
in disagreement(p)
in dishabille
in dispute(p)
in disrepair(p)
in due course
in due season
in due time
in earnest
in earnest(p)
in effect
in effect(p)
in embryo
in esse
in essence
in everyone's thoughts
in evidence
in extremis
in fact
in fetters(p)
in fiscal matters
in flight
in flood(p)
in focus(p)
in for(p)
in force(p)
in front
in full
in full action
in full swing
in full swing(p)
in full view
in gear
in general
in general(ip)
in good order
in good spirits
in good taste(p)
in good time
in great confusion
in hand
in hand(p)
in harmony