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Meaning of ZILOG

Matching Terms:  zilog z280, zilog z8, zilog z80, zilog z8000, zilog z80000, zilog z80a

Computing Dictionary

The microprocessor manufacturer who produced the zilog z80 in July 1976 (as used by sinclair in the zx-80, zx-81 and zx spectrum computers) and later the zilog z8000.

Zilog was founded in 1974 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon Corp. by 1980. The company's management and employees purchased Zilog back from Exxon in 1989. Zilog became a publicly-held company in February, 1991. In March of 1998, Zilog was privatised, as a result of the merger and recapitalisation transaction by Texas Pacific Group (TPG).

Zilog now produce a range of 8-bit microcontrollers, 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors, and digital signal processors, covering the home entertainment, communications, and embedded systems markets.


Address: 910 East Hamilton Avenue, Suite 110, Campbell, CA 95008, USA.