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Meaning of VIRGIN

Pronunciation:  'vurjin

Matching Terms:  virgil, virgil garnett thomson, virgil thomson, virgilia, virgilia capensis, virgilia divaricata, virgilia oroboides, virgilian, virgin birth, virgin forest, virgin islands, virgin islands national park, virgin mary, virgin wool, virginal, virginal membrane, virginhood, virginia, virginia beach, virginia bluebell, virginia chain fern, virginia cowslip, virginia creeper, virginia crownbeard, virginia deer, virginia fence, virginia ham, virginia mallow, virginia mcmath, virginia oyster, virginia pine, virginia reel, virginia serpentaria, virginia serpentary, virginia snakeroot, virginia spring beauty, virginia stock, virginia strawberry, virginia thimbleweed, virginia wade, virginia waterleaf, virginia woolf, virginian, virginian stock, virginian sumac, virginian witch hazel, virginity, virgin's bower

Computing Dictionary

Unused; pristine; in a known initial state. "Let's bring up a virgin system and see if it crashes again." (Especially useful after contracting a virus through sex.) Also, by extension, buffers and the like within a program that have not yet been used.

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