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Meaning of UNITY

Pronunciation:  'yoonitee

Matching Terms:  unit, unit cell, unit character, unit cost, unit investment trust, unit matrix, unit of ammunition, unit of insulin, unit of measurement, unit of time, unit of viscosity, unit separator, unit trust, unitable, unitard, unitarian, unitarian church, unitarianism, unitarianize, unitary, unite, united, united arab emirate dirham, united arab emirate monetary unit, united arab emirates, united arab emirates's capital, united arab republic, united church of christ, united kingdom, united kingdom unix users group, united methodist church, united mexican states, united mine workers, united mine workers of america, united nations, united nations agency, united nations children's fund, united nations day, united nations secretariat, united republic of tanzania, united states, united states army, united states attorney, united states bankruptcy court, united states cabinet, united states congress, united states constitution, united states court of appeals, united states court of claims, united states court of customs & patent appeals, united states court of international trade, united states court of military appeals, united states district courts, united states dollar, united states dry unit, united states government, united states liquid unit, united states magistrate judge, united states marshal's service, united states navy, united states of america, united states postal service, united states reports, united states secret service, united states senate, united states supreme court, united states trade representative, united states virgin islands, united states waters, united technologies research cente, unitedly, uniter, uniterable, uniting, unition, unitisation, unitise, unitive, unitively, unitization, unitize, unitude

Computing Dictionary

A high-level parallel language.

A translator into mpl is available by .

See also maspar unity.

["Parallel Program Design", K.M. Chandry and Misra, A-W 1988].