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Meaning of TRITON

Pronunciation:  'trItân, 'trItn

Matching Terms:  tritoma, triton ii, triton vx, tritone, tritorium, tritovum, tritozooid

Computing Dictionary

intel's pentium core logic chip set. In addition to the traditional features, this chip set supports: edo dram to increase the bandwidth of the dram interface; "pipelined burst sram" for a cheaper, faster second level cache; "bus master ide" control logic to reduce processor load; a plug and play port for easy implementation of functions such as audio.

The Triton I chipset (official name 82430FX) consists of 4 chips: one 82437FX TSC (Triton Sysetm Controller), two 82438FX TDP (Triton Data Path), and one 82371FB PIIX (PCI IDE Xcellerator). It supports pb cache, edo dram, and a maximum pci and memory burst data transfer rate of 100 megabytes per second.

There are also moble triton (82430MX), triton ii (82430HX), and the triton vx (82430VX) chip sets.