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Meaning of TRACK

Pronunciation:  trak

Matching Terms:  trac, trace, trace element, trace element analysis, trace program, trace scheduling, traceable, traced, tracer, tracer bullet, traceroute, tracery, trachea, tracheal, tracheal vein, trachearia, tracheary, tracheata, tracheate, tracheid, tracheitis, trachelidan, trachelipod, trachelipoda, trachelipodous, trachelobranchiate, trachelorrhaphy, trachelospermum, trachelospermum jasminoides, trachenchyma, tracheobranchia, tracheobronchial, tracheobronchitis, tracheocele, tracheoesophageal fistula, tracheoesophageal puncture, tracheophonae, tracheophyta, tracheophyte, tracheoscopy, tracheostomy, tracheostomy button, tracheostomy tube, tracheotomy, trachinoid, trachinotus, trachinotus carolinus, trachinotus falcatus, trachipteridae, trachipterus, trachipterus arcticus, trachitis, trachodon, trachodont, trachoma, trachonitis, trachurus, trachurus symmetricus, trachurus trachurus, trachycarpous, trachymedusae, trachyspermous, trachystomata, trachyte, trachytic, trachytoid, tracing, tracing paper, tracing routine, track and field, track ball, track down, track event, track meet, track record, track star, trackable, trackage, trackball, tracked, tracked vehicle, tracker, tracker ball, tracking, tracklayer, trackless, trackless trolley, trackman, trackmaster, trackpad, trackpoint, track-road, trackscout, track-to-track seek time, trackwalker, trackway, tract, tractability, tractable, tractableness, tractarian, tractarianism, tractate, tractation, tractator, tractile, tractility, traction, traction engine, traction headache, traction wheel, tractional, tractite, tractitious, tractive, tractor, tractor feed, tractor screw, tractor trailer, tractoration, tractory, tractrix, tracy

Computing Dictionary

The part of a disk which passes under one read/write head while the head is stationary. The number of tracks on a disk surface therefore corresponds to the number of different radial positions of the head(s). The collection of all tracks on all surfaces at a given radial position is known a cylinder and each track is divided into sectors.