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Meaning of THOMAS

Pronunciation:  'tâmus

Matching Terms:  thomaean, thomas a becket, thomas a kempis, thomas alva edison, thomas aquinas, thomas augustus watson, thomas babington macaulay, thomas bowdler, thomas bradley, thomas carew, thomas carlyle, thomas chippendale, thomas clayton wolfe, thomas crawford, thomas de quincey, thomas decker, thomas dekker, thomas edison, thomas edward lawrence, thomas gainsborough, thomas gray, thomas hardy, thomas hart benton, thomas hastings, thomas henry huxley, thomas higginson, thomas hobbes, thomas hodgkin, thomas hopkins gallaudet, thomas hunt morgan, thomas huxley, thomas j. hanks, thomas j. jackson, thomas jackson, thomas jefferson, thomas jonathan jackson, thomas kennerly wolfe jr., thomas kid, thomas kyd, thomas lanier williams, thomas malory, thomas malthus, thomas mann, thomas merton, thomas middleton, thomas moore, thomas more, thomas nast, thomas nelson page, thomas paine, thomas phosphate, thomas process, thomas pynchon, thomas reid, thomas robert malthus, thomas stearns eliot, thomas straussler, thomas sully, thomas sydenham, thomas tallis, thomas the doubting apostle, thomas wentworth storrow higginson, thomas wolfe, thomas woodrow wilson, thomas wright waller, thomas young, thomas's test

Computing Dictionary

A language compatible with the language dylan(TM). Thomas is NOT dylan(TM).

The first public release of a translator to scheme by Matt Birkholz, Jim Miller, and Ron Weiss, written at digital equipment corporation's cambridge research laboratory runs (slowly) on mit's cscheme, DEC's scheme->c, Marc Feeley's gambi, macintosh, pc, vax, mips, alpha, 680x0.


Mailing list: <info-thomas@crl.dec.com>.

["Dylan(TM) an object-oriented dynamic language", apple computer, Eastern Research and Technology, April 1992].