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Meaning of TELEPHONY

Pronunciation:  tu'lefunee

Matching Terms:  telephone, telephone application program interface, telephone bell, telephone bill, telephone book, telephone booth, telephone box, telephone call, telephone company, telephone conversation, telephone cord, telephone dial, telephone directory, telephone exchange, telephone extension, telephone interview, telephone jack, telephone kiosk, telephone line, telephone message, telephone number, telephone operator, telephone order, telephone plug, telephone pole, telephone receiver, telephone service, telephone set, telephone system, telephone unit, telephone wire, telephoner, telephonic, telephonically, telephonist, telephony application programming interface

Computing Dictionary

Communication, often two-way, of spoken information, by means of electrical signals carried by wires or radio waves. The term was used to indicate transmission of the voice, as distinguished from telegraphy (done in morse code and usually called "continuous wave" or CW transmission), radio teletypewriter (RTTY) transmission (also called FSK for "frequency shift keying", the modulation scheme used by such machines), and later, facimile.