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Meaning of SUMMER

Pronunciation:  'sumur

Matching Terms:  summer camp, summer cohosh, summer crookneck, summer cypress, summer damask rose, summer duck, summer flounder, summer haw, summer house, summer hyacinth, summer redbird, summer run fish, summer savory, summer savoury, summer school, summer session, summer snowflake, summer solstice, summer squash, summer squash vine, summer sweet, summer tanager, summer(a), summercater, summer-fallow, summerhouse, summerise, summerize, summerliness, summersault, summerstir, summertide, summertime, summertree, summery

Computing Dictionary

String manipulation and pattern matching language by Klint & Sint at cwi in the late 1970s. It was recently used as the input and implementation language for the dataflow compiler project at cwi.

["An Overview of the SUMMER Programming Language", Paul Klint, 7th POPL, ACM 1980, pp. 47-55].