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Meaning of STRONGARM

Computing Dictionary

A collaborative project between digital equipment corporation and advanced risc machines Ltd. (ARM) announced on 1995-02-06 licensing the arm risc architecture to digital semiconductor for the development of high-performance, low power microprocessors.

The StrongARM family of 32-bit RISC products developed under the agreement are faster versions of the existing ARM processors with a somewhat different instruction set. They are targetted at applications such as next-generation personal digital assistants with improved user interfaces and communications; interactive television and set-top products; video games and multimedia edutainment systems with realistic imaging, motion and sound; and digital imaging, including low cost digital image capture and photo-quality scanning and printing.

The StrongARM family has limited software compatibility with the arm6, arm7 and arm8 families due to its separate caches for data and instructions which causes self-modifying code to fail.

The sa-110 is the first member of the family.