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Meaning of STREAM

Pronunciation:  streem

Matching Terms:  streak, streaked, streaker, streaky, stream bank, stream capacity, stream clock, stream density, stream frequency, stream gold, stream line, stream of consciousness, stream of egypt, stream orchid, stream order, stream power, stream rehabilitation, stream type fish, stream wheel, stream width, streambank, streambed, streamer, streamer fly, streamflow, streamful, streaminess, streaming, streaming simd extensions, streamless, streamlet, streamline, streamline flow, streamlined, streamliner, stream-oriented, streams, streamy

Computing Dictionary
  1. ["STREAM: A Scheme Language for Formally Describing Digital Circuits", C.D. Kloos in PARLE: Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, LNCS 259, Springer 1987].

  2. 1. An abstraction referring to any flow of data from a source (or sender, producer) to a single sink (or receiver, consumer). A stream usually flows through a channel of some kind, as opposed to packets which may be addressed and routed independently, possibly to multiple recipients. Streams usually require some mechanism for establishing a channel or a "connection" between the sender and receiver.

    2. In the c language's buffered input/ouput library functions, a stream is associated with a file or device which has been opened using fopen. Characters may be read from (written to) a stream without knowing their actual source (destination) and buffering is provided transparently by the library routines.

    3. Confusingly, sun have called their modular device driver mechanism "streams".

    4. In ibm's aix operating system, a stream is a full-duplex processing and data transfer path between a driver in kernel space and a process in user space.

    [IBM AIX 3.2 Communication Programming Concepts, SC23-2206-03].

    5. streaming.

    6. lazy list.