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Meaning of STORE

Pronunciation:  stowr

Matching Terms:  stor, storage, storage allocation and coding program, storage area, storage battery, storage cell, storage device, storage locker, storage management services, storage ring, storage room, storage space, storage tank, storage warehouse, storage-pit, storax, storax family, store and forward, store cheese, store detective, store-bought, stored, stored up(p), stored-up(a), storefront, storehouse, storekeeper, storer, storeria, storeria occipitamaculata, storeroom, stores, storeship, storey, storeyed, storge, storial, storied, storier, storify, stork, stork-billed, storksbill, storm, storm cellar, storm center, storm centre, storm cloud, storm cone, storm lamp, storm lantern, storm petrel, storm run off, storm sash, storm signal, storm trooper, storm troops, storm window, stormable, storm-beat, storm-beaten, stormbound, stormcock, stormfinch, stormful, stormglass, stormily, storminess, storming, stormless, stormproof, storm-tossed, stormwind, stormy, stormy petrel, storthing, storven, story, story of mel, storybook, storyline, storyteller, story-teller, story-telling, story-writer

Computing Dictionary

[probably from "main store"] In some varieties of Commonwealth hackish, the preferred synonym for core. Thus, "bringing a program into store" means not that one is returning shrink-wrapped software but that a program is being swapped in.

[jargon file]