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Meaning of STONE

Pronunciation:  stown, stown

Matching Terms:  stond, stone age, stone bass, stone bramble, stone breaker, stone crab, stone cress, stone curlew, stone drill, stone facing, stone fly, stone fruit, stone knives and bearskins, stone life face, stone marten, stone mimicry plant, stone parsley, stone pine, stone pit, stone plant, stone root, stone wall, stonebird, stone-blind, stonebow, stonebrash, stonebrearer, stone-broke, stonebuck, stonechat, stone-cold, stonecray, stonecress, stonecrop, stonecrop family, stonecutter, stonecutting, stoned, stone-dead, stone-deaf, stoneface, stonefish, stonefly, stonegall, stone-gray, stonehatch, stone-hearted, stonehenge, stone-horse, stoneless, stonelike, stoneman, stonemason, stoner, stoneroot, stonerunner, stone's throw, stones, precious, stonesmickle, stone-sober, stone-still, stonewall, stonewall jackson, stonewaller, stonewalling, stoneware, stonewash, stoneweed, stonework, stonewort, stonily, stoniness, stoning, stonish, stont, stony, stony coral, stony-broke, stonyhearted

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