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Meaning of STAR 0

Matching Terms:  star, star anise, star aniseed, star apple, star begonia, star chamber, star chart, star divination, star drift, star drill, star earthball, star fruit, star grass, star ipomoea, star jasmine, star magnolia, star network, star of david, star of the veldt, star sapphire, star saxifrage, star shell, star sign, star stereogram, star tulip, star(p), star, morning, star-blind, starblowlines, starboard, starburst, starch, starch wheat, star-chamber, starched, starchedness, starcher, starchless, starchlike, starchly, starchness, starchwort, starchy, starcraft, star-crossed, stardom, star-duckweed, stardust, stare, stare down, starer, starets, starf, starfinch, starfish, starfish flower, starflower, stargaser, stargasing, stargaze, stargazer, stargazers, stargazing, star-glory, staring, staring(a), staringly, stark, stark naked, stark(a), starkers, starkly, starkness, star-leaf begonia, starless, starlet, starlight, starlike, starling, starlisp, starlit, starmod, starmonger, starn, starnose, starnose mole, star-nosed mole, star-of-bethlehem, starost, starosty, starproof, starr, star-read, starred, starriness, starring(p), starry, starry saxifrage, starry-eyed, stars, stars and bars, stars and stripes, starset, star-shaped, starshine, starshoot, star-spangled, star-spangled banner, starstone, starsys, start, start bit, start of header, start of text, start out, start tag, start up, starter, starter motor, startful, startfulness, star-thistle, starthroat, starting, starting block, starting buffer, starting gate, starting handle, starting line, starting motor, starting pitcher, starting point, starting post, starting signal, starting stalls, starting time, startingly, startish, startle, startle reaction, startle reflex, startle response, startled, startling, startlingly, startlish, start-off, startup, start-up, starvation, starvation acidosis, starve, starved, starved aster, starvedly, starveling, starving, starwort

Computing Dictionary

Early system on Datatron 200 series. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).