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Meaning of SPONGE

Pronunciation:  spunj

Matching Terms:  spong, sponge bag, sponge bath, sponge cake, sponge cloth, sponge down, sponge genus, sponge gourd, sponge mop, sponge morel, sponge mushroom, sponge off, sponge on, sponge up, spongefly, spongelet, spongelike, spongeous, sponger, spongiae, spongida, spongiform, spongilla, spongillafly, spongin, sponginess, sponging, spongioblast, spongioblastoma, spongiole, spongiolite, spongiopilin, spongiose, spongiozoa, spongoblast, spongoid, spongy

Computing Dictionary

A special case of a unix filter that reads its entire input before writing any output; the canonical example is a sort utility. Unlike most filters, a sponge can conveniently overwrite the input file with the output data stream. If a file system has file versioning (as its did and vms does now) the sponge/filter distinction loses its usefulness, because directing filter output would just write a new version.

See also slurp.

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