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Meaning of SPLAT

Pronunciation:  splat

Matching Terms:  splanchnapophysis, splanchnic, splanchnic nerve, splanchnography, splanchnology, splanchnopleure, splanchno-skeleton, splanchnotomy, splandrel, splash, splash around, splash screen, splash!, splashboard, splashdown, splashed, splasher, splashguard, splashiness, splashing, splashy, splatter, splatterdash, splattered, splattering, splay, splayfoot, splayfooted, splaymouth, splaymouthed

Computing Dictionary

1. Name used in many places (DEC, IBM, and others) for the asterisk ("*") character (ASCII 0101010). This may derive from the "squashed-bug" appearance of the asterisk on many early line printers.

2. Name used by some mit people for the "#" character (ASCII 35).

3. (Rochester Institute of Technology) The feature key on a Mac (same as alt).

4. An obsolete name used by some people for the stanford/its extended ascii circle-x character. This character is also called "blobby" and "frob", among other names; it is sometimes used by mathematicians as a notation for "tensor product".

5. An obsolete name for the semi-mythical stanford extended ascii circle-plus character.

See also ascii.

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