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Meaning of SPARK

Pronunciation:  spârk

Matching Terms:  spar, spar buoy, sparable, sparada, sparadrap, sparage, sparaxis, sparaxis tricolor, sparble, sparc, sparc international, inc., sparc xterminal 1, sparcstation, sparcstation 10, sparcstation 20, sparcsystem 4, spare, spare part, spare time, spareful, spareless, sparely, spareness, sparer, sparerib, spareribs, spare-time activity, spare-tire, sparganiaceae, sparganium, sparge, sparge pipe, spargefaction, sparger, sparhawk, spar-hung, sparid, sparid fish, sparidae, sparing, sparingly, spark advance, spark arrester, spark chamber, spark coil, spark counter, spark gap, spark lever, spark off, spark plug, spark transmitter, sparker, sparkful, sparking plug, sparkish, sparkle, sparkle metal, sparkleberry, sparkler, sparklet, sparkliness, sparkling, sparkling water, sparkling wine, sparkling(a), sparkly, sparkplug wrench, sparks, sparling, sparlyre, sparmannia, sparmannia africana, sparoid, sparpiece, sparpoil, sparring, sparring match, sparring mate, sparring partner, sparrow, sparrow hawk, sparrowgrass, sparrowwort, sparry, sparse, sparsedly, sparsely, sparseness, sparsim, sparsity, sparta, spartan, sparteine, sparth, spartina, spartina cynosuroides, spartina pectinmata, spartium, spartium junceum, sparve, spary

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