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Meaning of SOUND

Pronunciation:  sawnd

Matching Terms:  soun, sound alphabet, sound asleep(p), sound barrier, sound bite, sound blaster, sound bow, sound camera, sound card, sound effect, sound film, sound hole, sound judgement, sound judgment, sound law, sound off, sound out, sound perception, sound pollution, sound pressure, sound pressure level, sound property, sound ranging, sound recording, sound reflection, sound reproduction, sound spectrograph, sound spectrum, sound structure, sound system, sound truck, sound unit, sound wave, sound(a), soundable, soundage, soundboard, sound-board, soundbox, sounded, sounder, soundex, sounding, sounding balloon, sounding board, sounding lead, sounding line, sounding rocket, sounding-board, soundless, soundlessly, soundlessness, soundly, soundman, soundness, soundproof, soundtrack, soune, sounst

Computing Dictionary

1. audio.

2. An inference system A is sound with respect to another system B if A can only reach conclusions which are true in B. A type inference system is considered sound with respect to a semantics if the type inferred for an expression is the same as the type inferred for the meaning of that expression under the semantics.

The dual to soundness is completeness.