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Meaning of SOFTY

Pronunciation:  'softee

Matching Terms:  soft, soft boot, soft coal, soft corn, soft diet, soft drink, soft drug, soft flag, soft glass, soft goods, soft ice cream, soft link, soft on(p), soft option, soft palate, soft pedal, soft pretzel, soft roe, soft roll, soft rot, soft rush, soft scale, soft sell, soft shield fern, soft soap, soft solder, soft spot, soft steel, soft tick, soft tissue, soft tissue sarcoma, soft touch, soft tree fern, soft water, soft wheat, softa, softback, softback book, softball, softball game, softbench, soft-boiled, soft-cast steel, soft-coated wheaten terrier, softcopy, soft-cover, soft-cover book, soften, softened, softener, softening, soft-finned, soft-finned fish, soft-footed, softheaded, soft-headed, softhearted, soft-hearted, softheartedness, softie, softish, softlab, softling, softly, softmodem, softner, softness, soft-nosed, soft-pedal, soft-shell, soft-shell clam, soft-shell crab, soft-shelled crab, soft-shelled turtle, soft-shoe, soft-shoe dancing, soft-shoe shuffle, soft-soap, soft-solder, soft-spoken, soft-tissue, software, software ag, software audit, software backplane, software bloat, software bus, software description database, software developers kit, software development life cycle, software documentation, software enabling, software engineer, software engineering, software engineering environment, software error, software handshaking, software in the public interest, inc., software interrupt, software laser, software law, software life-cycle, software method, software methodology, software metric, software package, software patent, software piracy, software pirate, software practice and experience, software product, software productivity centre, software publishing corporation, software reliability, software rot, software system, software theft, software through pictures, software tool, software verification research centre, softwarily, soft-witted, softwood

Computing Dictionary

(IBM) hardware hackers' term for a software expert who is largely ignorant of the mysteries of hardware.