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Meaning of SOCKET 370

Computing Dictionary

(PGA370) A physical and electrical specification for a motherboard processor socket. Socket 370 uses a square spga zif socket with 370 pins, arranged 37x37 (sometimes described as 19x19).

intel originally designed Socket 370 for ppga Celeron processors. Newer Socket 370 motherboards additionally support fc-pga Celeron and pentium iii processors.

The difference between the two versions is electrical; some pins are used differently and voltage requirements have been changed from Intel's vrm 8.2 to vrm 8.4. In addition, Celeron processors require a 66 MHz front side bus (fsb), and Pentium III processors require a 100/133 MHz FSB.

Some older Socket 370 motherboards support VRM 8.4 and variable bus speeds, so adapters are available that convert the socket pinout to allow FC-PGA processors to work.

via's cyrix iii processor was designed to work with Socket 370 motherboards.

intel celeron processor in ppga form factor - integration.

pentium iii processors - design guidelines.