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Meaning of SMOKE

Pronunciation:  smowk

Matching Terms:  smokable, smoke alarm, smoke and mirrors, smoke ball, smoke bomb, smoke bush, smoke grenade, smoke hole, smoke out, smoke screen, smoke stacks, smoke test, smoke tree, smoke-cured, smoked, smoked haddock, smoked herring, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, smoke-dried, smoke-dry, smoke-emitting diode, smoke-filled, smoke-free, smokehouse, smokejack, smokeless, smokeless powder, smoker, smokestack, smokily, smokiness, smoking, smoking car, smoking carriage, smoking clover, smoking compartment, smoking jacket, smoking mixture, smoking room, smoky, smoky quartz

Computing Dictionary

1. To crash or blow up, usually spectacularly. "The new version smoked, just like the last one." Used for both hardware (where it often describes an actual physical event), and software (where it's merely colourful).

2. [Automotive slang] To be conspicuously fast. "That processor really smokes." Compare magic smoke.

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