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Meaning of SIGNAL

Pronunciation:  'signl

Matching Terms:  signa, signable, signage, signal box, signal caller, signal detection, signal fire, signal flag, signal level, signal light, signal peptide, signal transduction, signal/noise, signal/noise ratio, signaler, signaling, signaling device, signalisation, signalise, signalist, signality, signalization, signalize, signaller, signalling rate, signalling system 7, signally, signalman, signalment, signals intelligence, signal-to-noise, signal-to-noise ratio, signate, signation, signatory, signature, signature sequence, signature tune, signaturist

Computing Dictionary
  1. A synchronous language by Le Guernic et al of inria.

    ["SIGNAL - A Data Flow-Oriented Language for Signal Processing," P. le Guernic, IEEE Trans Acoustics Speech & Signal Proc, ASSP-34(2):362-1986-04-374].

  2. A predefined message sent between two unix processes or from the kernel to a process. Signals communicate the occurrence of unexpected external events such as the forced termination of a process by the user. Each signal has a unique number associated with it and each process has a signal handler set for each signal. Signals can be sent using the kill system call.