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Meaning of SERVE

Pronunciation:  surv

Matching Terms:  servable, servage, serval, servaline, servant, servant girl, servantess, servantry, servant's entrance, serve up, serve well, servelet, server, server message block, server room, serverlet, server-parsed html, servers, server-side include, servian, service, service abroad, service access point, service advertising protocol, service agency, service area, service book, service break, service bureau, service call, service cap, service ceiling, service charge, service club, service contract, service cutback, service department, service discovery protocol, service door, service elevator, service entrance, service firm, service industry, service man, service of process, service program, service provider, service routine, service staff, service station, service stripe, service tree, service uniform, serviceability, serviceable, serviceableness, serviceage, serviceberry, serviced, serviceman, services, servicing, servient, serviette, servifor, servile, servile(a), servilely, servileness, servility, serving, serving cart, serving dish, serving girl, servite, servitor, servitorship, servitude, serviture, servitute, servlet, servo, servomechanical, servomechanism, servo-motor, servosystem

Computing Dictionary

To be a server, to provide a service.

E.g., "The shttpd serves requested documents to clients over a secure link."