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Meaning of SEQUEL

Pronunciation:  'seekwul

Matching Terms:  seque, sequela, sequella, sequenator, sequence, sequence assembly, sequence hypothesis, sequence tagged site, sequence tagged site (sts), sequenced packet exchange, sequencer, sequence-tagged site, sequencing, sequencing technology, sequent, sequential, sequential coding, sequential file matching, sequential hermaphrodite, sequential operation, sequential parlog machine, sequential processing, sequential treatment, sequentially, sequester, sequestered, sequestrable, sequestral, sequestrate, sequestration, sequestration of witnesses, sequestrator, sequestrum

Computing Dictionary

1. Precursor to SQL.

["System R: Relational Approach to Database Management", IBM Res Lab, San Jose, reprinted in Readings in Database Systems].

2. U Leeds. Theorem prover specification language. Pattern matching notation similar to Prolog. Compiled into Lisp.

[Proc ICJAI 13].