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Meaning of SENSOR

Pronunciation:  'sensur

Matching Terms:  sensorial, sensorimotor, sensorimotor area, sensorimotor region, sensorineural, sensorineural hearing loss, sensorium, sensori-volitional, sensory, sensory activity, sensory aphasia, sensory epilepsy, sensory faculty, sensory hair, sensory nerve, sensory neuron, sensory receptor, sensory system, sensory(a)

Computing Dictionary

An electronic device used to measure a physical quantity such as temperature, pressure or loudness and convert it into an electronic signal of some kind (e.g a voltage). Sensors are normally components of some larger electronic system such as a computer control and/or measurement system.

Analog sensors most often produce a voltage proportional to the measured quantity. The signal must be converted to digital form with a adc before the CPU can process it.

Digital sensors most often use serial communication such as eia-232 to return information directly to the controller or computer through a serial port.