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Meaning of SCRAP

Pronunciation:  skrap

Matching Terms:  scrabbed eggs, scrabble, scrabbly, scraber, scraffle, scrag, scrag end, scragged, scraggedness, scraggily, scragginess, scraggly, scraggy, scragly, scrag-necked, scram, scram switch, scramble, scrambled, scrambled egg, scrambled eggs, scrambler, scrambling, scranch, scranky, scrannel, scranny, scranton, scrap iron, scrap(a), scrapbook, scrape, scrape along, scrape by, scrape up, scraped, scrapepenny, scraper, scrapheap, scrapie, scraping, scrapper, scrappily, scrappiness, scrapple, scrappy, scraps, scrat, scratch, scratch along, scratch awl, scratch coat, scratch disk, scratch monkey, scratch out, scratch pad, scratch paper, scratch player, scratch race, scratch sheet, scratch test, scratch up, scratchback, scratchbrush, scratched, scratcher, scratchiness, scratching, scratchpad, scratchpad i, scratchpad ii, scratchweed, scratchwork, scratchy, scraunch, scraw, scrawl, scrawled, scrawler, scrawniness, scrawny, scray

Computing Dictionary

Something written at csir, Pretoria, South Africa in the late 1970s. It ran on interdata and perkin-elmer computers and was in use until the late 1980s.