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Meaning of SCORPION

Pronunciation:  'skorpeeun

Matching Terms:  scorpio, scorpio the scorpion, scorpiodea, scorpioid, scorpioid cyme, scorpion fish, scorpion fly, scorpion shell, scorpion weed, scorpiones, scorpionfish, scorpionida, scorpionidea, scorpions, scorpionweed, scorpionwort

Computing Dictionary

Twenty tools that can be used to construct specialised programming environments. The Scorpion Project was started by Prof. Richard Snodgrass <rts@cs.arizona.edu> as an outgrowth of the softlab Project (which produced the idl toolkit) that he started when he was at the university of north carolina. The Scorpion Project is directed by him at the university of arizona and by Karen Shannon at the university of north carolina at Chapel Hill.

Version 6.0 runs on sun-3, sun-4, vax, decstation, iris, sequent, hp9000.

See also candle.

Mailing list: info-scorpion-request@cs.arizona.edu.

E-mail: <scorpion-project@cs.arizona.edu>.