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Meaning of RECORD

Pronunciation:  [v]ri'kord, 'rekord

Matching Terms:  record album, record changer, record company, record cover, record hop, record jacket, record management services, record player, record separator, record sleeve, record(a), recordance, recordation, recordbook, record-breaker, record-breaking, recorded, recorder, recorder player, recordership, record-holder, recording, recording equipment, recording label, recording machine, recording studio, recording system, record-keeper, recorporification

Computing Dictionary

An ordered set of fields, usually stored contiguously. The term is used with similar meaning in several different contexts. In a file, a "record" probably has some fixed length, in contrast to a "line" which may have any length and is terminated by some end of line sequence). A database record is also called a "row". In a spreadsheet it is always called a "row". Some programming languages use the term to mean a type composed of fields of several other types (c calls this a "struct").

In all these cases, a record represents an entity with certain field values.

Fields may be of a fixed width (bits or characters) or they may be separated by a delimiter character, often comma (csv) or ht (tsv).

In a database the list of values of a given field from all records is called a column.