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Meaning of PTOLEMY

Pronunciation:  'tâlumee

Matching Terms:  ptolemaic, ptolemaic system, ptolemais, ptolemaist

Computing Dictionary

A flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an object-oriented framework within which diverse models of computation can co-exist and interact. For example, using Ptolemy a data-flow system can be easily connected to a hardware simulator which in turn may be connected to a discrete-event system. Because of this, Ptolemy can be used to model entire systems. In addition, Ptolemy now has code generation capabilities. From a flow graph description, Ptolemy can generate both c code and dsp assembly code for rapid prototyping. Note that code generation is not yet complete, and is included in the current release for demonstration purposes only.

Version 0.4.1 includes a graphical algorithm layout, code generator and simulator. It requires c++, c and has been ported to sun-4, mips/ultrix; dsp56001, dsp96002. Ptolemy is an active research project.

. Mailing list: ptolemy-hackers-request@ohm.berkeley.edu. E-mail: <ptolemy@ohm.berkeley.edu>.