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Meaning of PSEUDO

Pronunciation:  'soodoo

Matching Terms:  pseud, pseudacris, pseudaesthesia, pseudaletia, pseudaletia unipuncta, pseudechis, pseudechis porphyriacus, pseudembryo, pseudemys, pseudemys concinna, pseudemys rubriventris, pseudemys scripta, pseudepigraphic, pseudepigraphous, pseudepigraphy, pseudhaemal, pseudo-archaeology, pseudobacteria, pseudoblepsis, pseudobombax, pseudobombax ellipticum, pseudobranch, pseudobranchia, pseudo-bulb, pseudocarp, pseudo-china, pseudocholinesterase, pseudococcidae, pseudococcus, pseudococcus comstocki, pseudococcus fragilis, pseudocode, pseudocoel, pseudocoele, pseudocoelia, pseudocoelomate, pseudocolus, pseudocolus fusiformis, pseudo-cone, pseudo-cumene, pseudocyesis, pseudodementia, pseudo-dipteral, pseudodox, pseudoephedrine, pseudofilaria, pseudo-galena, pseudogene, pseudograph, pseudography, pseudohallucination, pseudohalter, pseudo-heart, pseudohemophilia, pseudohermaphrodite, pseudohermaphroditic, pseudohermaphroditism, pseudo-hyperthophic, pseudohypertrophic dystrophy, pseudolamina, pseudolarix, pseudolarix amabilis, pseudologist, pseudology, pseudo-metallic, pseudomonad, pseudomonadales, pseudomonas, pseudomonas pyocanea, pseudomonas solanacearum, pseudo-monocotyledonous, pseudomonodaceae, pseudomorph, pseudomorphism, pseudomorphous, pseudomyxoma peritonei, pseudonavicella, pseudonavicula, pseudoneuroptera, pseudoneuropterous, pseudonumity, pseudonym, pseudonymous, pseudoperipteral, pseudophloem, pseudopleuronectes, pseudopleuronectes americanus, pseudopod, pseudopodial, pseudopodium, pseudoprime, pseudoprostyle, pseudopupa, pseudo-random number, pseudorhabdite, pseudo-romantic, pseudorubella, pseudoryx, pseudoryx nghetinhensis, pseudoscheme, pseudoscience, pseudoscientific, pseudoscope, pseudoscopic, pseudoscorpion, pseudoscorpiones, pseudoscorpionida, pseudosphere, pseudospore, pseudostella, pseudostoma, pseudosuit, pseudo-symmetric, pseudo-symmetry, pseudotaxus, pseudotaxus chienii, pseudotetramera, pseudotinea, pseudotsuga, pseudotsuga macrocarpa, pseudotsuga menziesii, pseudo-tty, pseudoturbinal, pseudovary, pseudovivipary, pseudovum, pseudowintera, pseudowintera colorata

Computing Dictionary

/soo'doh/ (usenet) Pseudonym.

1. An electronic-mail or usenet persona adopted by a human for amusement value or as a means of avoiding negative repercussions of one's net.behaviour; a "nom de usenet", often associated with forged postings designed to conceal message origins. Perhaps the best-known and funniest hoax of this type is biff.

2. Notionally, a flamage-generating ai program simulating a usenet user. Many flamers have been accused of actually being such entities, despite the fact that no AI program of the required sophistication yet exists. However, in 1989 there was a famous series of forged postings that used a phrase-frequency-based travesty generator to simulate the styles of several well-known flamers; it was based on large samples of their back postings (compare dissociated press). A significant number of people were fooled by the forgeries, and the debate over their authenticity was settled only when the perpetrator came forward to publicly admit the hoax.

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