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Meaning of PROTON

Pronunciation:  'prowtân

Matching Terms:  proto-, proto oncogene, proto(a), protoactinium, protoanthropology, protoarchaeology, protoarcheology, protoavis, protocal, protocanonical, protocatechuic, protoceratops, protocercal, protococcus, protocol, protocol analyser, protocol converter, protocol data unit, protocol layer, protocol stack, protocolist, protoconch, protoctist, protoctist family, protoctist genus, protoctist order, protoctista, protoculture, proto-doric, protogeometric, protogine, protogynous, protogyny, protoheme, protohemin, protohippus, protohistoric, protohistory, proto-indo european, protomammal, protomartyr, protomerite, protometals, protomorphic, proton accelerator, proton acceptor, proton donor, proton magnetic resonance, proton magnetometer, proton motive force, proton pump inhibitors, protonema, proto-norse, protonotary, proto-oncogene, protoorganism, protopapas, protophyte, protophytology, protopine, protoplasm, protoplasmatic, protoplasmic, protoplasmic astrocyte, protoplast, protoplasta, protoplastic, protopodite, protopope, protopterus, protosalt, protosilicate, protosomite, protosulphide, protosulphuret, protosynthex, prototheria, prototherian, prototherian mammals, prototracheata, prototroph, prototypal, prototype, prototyper, prototypic, prototypical, prototyping, protovertebra, protovertebral, protoxide, protoxidize, protozoa, protozoal, protozoal infection, protozoan, protozoic, protozoological, protozoologist, protozoology, protozoon, protozoonite

Computing Dictionary

1. A home computer made by acorn computers under a contract won from the bbc in April 1981.

2. Something to do with microsoft softlib?