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Meaning of PROSET

Matching Terms:  prose, prose poem, prosector, prosecutable, prosecute, prosecuting attorney, prosecuting officer, prosecution, prosecutor, prosecutrix, proselyte, proselytise, proselytism, proselytize, proselytizer, proseman, proseminary, prosemination, prosencephalic, prosencephalon, prosenchyma, proser, proserpina, proserpine

Computing Dictionary

A derivative of setl with ada-like syntax developed at the university of essen in 1990. Formerly known as SETL/E.

["SETL/E, A Prototyping System Based on Sets", E.E. Doberkat et al, in Tagungsband TOOL90, W. Zorn ed, pp. 109-118, U Karlsruhe, Nov 1990].

["ProSet - A Language for Prototyping with Sets", E.-E. Doberkat et al, in Proc Third Intl Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping, N. Kanopoulos ed, IEEE Comp Soc Press, June 1992, pp. 235-248].