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Meaning of PLANS

Matching Terms:  .plan, plan, plan 9, plan file, plan of action, plan of attack, planar, planaria, planarian, planarida, planarioid, planary, planate, planation, planch, plancher, planchet, planchette, planching, planck, planck's constant, planck's law, planck's radiation law, plane, plane angle, plane figure, plane geometry, plane seat, plane section, plane table, plane ticket, plane tree, planeness, plane-parallel, plane-polarized, planer, planer tree, planera, planet, planet gear, planet wheel, plane-table, plane-table mapping, planetal, planetarium, planetary, planetary gear, planetary house, planetary nebula, planeted, planetesimal, planetesimal hypothesis, planetic, planetoid, planetoidal, plane-tree family, planet-stricken, planetule, plangency, plangent, plani-, planifolious, planiform, planimeter, planimetric, planimetry, planing, planing machine, planipennate, planipennia, planipetalous, planish, planisher, planishing, planisphere, planispheric, planit, plank, plank down, plank over, plankalkül, plank-bed, planking, plank-sheer, plankton, planktonic, planktonic algae, planless, planned, planner, planner-73, planning, planning board, planning commission, plano, plano-, plano convex, planoblast, planococcus, planococcus citri, planoconcave, plano-concave, plano-conical, planoconvex, plano-convex, planogamete, planographic, planographic printing, planography, plano-horizontal, planometer, planometry, plano-orbicular, planorbis, plano-subulate, plant, plant bug, plant closing, plant community, plant department, plant disease, plant family, plant fiber, plant fibre, plant food, plant genus, plant hopper, plant hormone, plant kingdom, plant life, plant louse, plant material, plant order, plant organ, plant part, plant pest act, plant process, plant product, plant scientist, plant sterols, plant succession, plant tissue, plant toxin, plant variety act (pva), plant virus, plantable, plantae, plantage, plantagenet, plantagenet line, plantaginaceae, plantaginales, plantago, plantago lanceolata, plantago major, plantago media, plantago psyllium, plantago rugelii, plantago virginica, plantain, plantain family, plantain lily, plantain tree, plantain-leaved pussytoes, plantal, plantar, plantar reflex, plantar wart, plantar warts, plantation, plantation owner, plantation walking horse, plant-cane, plant-eating, plant-eating(a), planted, planter, planter's punch, plantership, planthopper, planticle, plantigrada, plantigrade, plantigrade mammal, planting, plantless, plantlet, plantlike flagellate, plantocracy, plants, plantsman, plantule, planula, planula larva, planxty

Computing Dictionary

Programming Language for Allocation and Network Scheduling. A PL/I preprocessor, used for developing scheduling algorithms. "A User's Guide to the Programming Language for Allocation and Network Scheduling", H.R. Ramsey et al, TR SAI-77-068-DEN, Science Applications Inc (Jun 1977).