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Meaning of PACKET

Pronunciation:  'pakit

Matching Terms:  packed, packed cell volume, packed cells, packed decimal, packed encoding rules, packer, packera, packera aurea, packet assembler/disassembler, packet boat, packet driver, packet in plastic grid array, packet internet groper, packet radio, packet sniffer, packet switch node, packet switching, packet writing, packet-switched

Computing Dictionary

The unit of data sent across a network. "Packet" is a generic term used to describe a unit of data at any layer of the osi protocol stack, but it is most correctly used to describe application layer data units ("application protocol data unit", APDU).

See also datagram, frame.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: argosy, bale, bark, batch, bindle, boat, bolt, bomb, boodle, bottom, bouquet, bucket, budget, bundle, craft, deck, fagot, fardel, fasces, fascine, fortune, great deal, hooker, hulk, hull, keel, leviathan, loads, lots, mint, nosegay, pack, package, parcel, piles, posy, pretty penny, quiver, roll, rouleau, sheaf, ship, tidy sum, truss, tub, vessel, wad, watercraft