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Meaning of P-CODE

Computing Dictionary

The intermediate code produced by the pascal-p compiler. Assembly language for a hypothetical stack machine, the P-machine, said to have been an imitation of the instruction set for the Burroughs Large System. The term was first used in Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs, N. Wirth, P-H 1976. Byte articles on writing a Pascal Compiler in Northstar BASIC (ca Aug 1978) also used the term. Later used in Apple Pascal, and as the intermediate language in the UCSD P-system.

Variants: P2 P-code, P4 P-code, UCSD P-code, LASL P-code.

Address: USUS, Box 1148, La Jolla, CA 92038, USA.

["A Comparison of PASCAL Intermediate Languages", P.A. Nelson, SIGPLAN Notices 14(8):208-213 (Aug 1979)].