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Meaning of ORDINAL

Pronunciation:  'ordnl

Matching Terms:  ordinability, ordinable, ordinal number, ordinalism, ordinance, ordinand, ordinant, ordinarily, ordinariness, ordinary, ordinary annuity, ordinary bicycle, ordinary care, ordinary flow, ordinary high water mark, ordinary shares, ordinaryship, ordinate, ordinately, ordination, ordinative, ordinator

Computing Dictionary

An isomorphism class of well-ordered sets.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: algebraic number, algorismic, algorithmic, aliquot, breviary, canon, cardinal, cardinal number, categorical, catenary, characteristic, church book, classificational, classificatory, complex number, consecutive, decimal, defective number, defining, denominative, differential, digital, distinctive, divisional, divisionary, euchologion, euchology, even, even number, exponential, farse, figural, figurate, figurative, finite, finite number, formulary, fraction, fractional, Gaussian integer, imaginary, imaginary number, impair, impossible, infinite, infinity, integer, integral, irrational, irrational number, lectionary, lineal, linear, litany, logarithmic, logometric, machzor, manual, missal, mixed number, negative, numeral, numerary, numerative, numeric, odd, pair, particular, peculiar, polygonal number, pontifical, positive, possible, prayer book, prime, prime number, progressive, pure imaginary, radical, rational, rational number, real, real number, reciprocal, rectangular number, ritual, rituale, round number, rubric, Sefer Torah, sequent, sequential, serial, serial number, seriate, service book, siddur, special, specific, subdivisional, submultiple, successional, successive, surd, taxonomic, Torah, Torah scroll, transcendental, transcendental number, transfinite number, typal, typical, Virginal, whole number