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Meaning of OPTIMISM

Pronunciation:  'âpti`mizum

Matching Terms:  optimisation, optimise, optimising compiler, optimist, optimistic, optimistically

Computing Dictionary

What a programmer is full of after fixing the last bug and just before actually discovering the *next* last bug. Fred Brooks's book "the mythical man-month" contains the following paragraph that describes this extremely well.

All programmers are optimists. Perhaps this modern sorcery especially attracts those who believe in happy endings and fairy god-mothers. Perhaps the hundreds of nitty frustrations drive away all but those who habitually focus on the end goal. Perhaps it is merely that computers are young, programmers are younger, and the young are always optimists. But however the selection process works, the result is indisputable: "This time it will surely run," or "I just found the last bug.".

See also lubarsky's law of cybernetic entomology.

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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: blitheness, blithesomeness, bright outlook, bright side, brightness, buoyancy, cheer, cheerful expectation, cheerfulness, cheeriness, cheery vein, eupeptic mien, geniality, gladness, gladsomeness, good cheer, happiness, hope, hopefulness, idealism, Leibnizian optimism, millennialism, optimisticalness, perfectibilism, perfectionism, philosophical optimism, pleasantness, Pollyannaism, positivism, radiance, rosy expectation, rosy outlook, sanguine expectation, sanguine humor, sanguineness, sanguinity, silver lining, sunniness, utopianism, winsomeness