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Meaning of OPS5

Computing Dictionary

A programming language for rule-based production systems. A rule consists of pre-condition(s) and a resulting action.

The system checks its working memory to see if there are rules whose pre-conditions are satisfied, if so, the action in one selected satisfied rule is executed.

There is a public domain implementation of an OPS5 interpreter written by Charles L. Forgy <forgy@cs.cmu.edu> in 1977. It was first implemented in lisp and later in bliss. It was also ported to common lisp by George Wood and Jim Kowalski.

clips is a language for writing expert systems, with some of the capabilities of OPS5.

See also c5, ops83, ops4, ops5+, ops83.

Inference Engine Tech, Cambridge MA.

an ops5 interpreter in common lisp.

a version by mark kantrowitz <mkant+@cs.cmu.edu>.

["Programming Expert Systems in OPS5", L. Brownston et al, A-W 1985].

["An OPS5 Primer", Sherman et al, comes with OPS5 for DOS].

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