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Meaning of OBLIQ

Matching Terms:  obligable, obligate, obligate anaerobe, obligate wetland species, obligated(p), obligation, obligational, obligato, obligatorily, obligatoriness, obligatory, oblige, obliged(p), obligee, obligement, obliger, obliging, obligingly, obligingness, obligor, obliquation, oblique, oblique angle, oblique bandage, oblique case, oblique stroke, oblique triangle, oblique vein of the left atrium, oblique-angled, obliquely, obliqueness, obliquity, oblite, obliterable, obliterate, obliterated, obliterating, obliteration, obliterative, obliterator, oblivion, oblivious, oblivious(p), obliviousness

Computing Dictionary

A small, statically scoped untyped language by Luca Cardelli, 1993. Obliq is object-oriented, higher order, concurrent, and distributed. State is local to an address space, while computation can migrate over the network. The distributed computation mechanism is based on modula-3 network objects.