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Meaning of NOVELL DOS

Computing Dictionary

novell's fully compatible alternative to ms-dos. It is intended as an operating system for workstations on novell networks. It features enhanced memory management that moves the operating system, network drivers, and memory-resident programs (tsrs) out of conventional memory on all systems with an intel 80286 or later processor and extended memory or expanded memory. It supports preemptive multitasking and peer-to-peer networking using the same dos requester and vlms for a "common client" with native novell netware.

A data compression utility effectively doubles storage capacity of the hard disk. It supports disk defragmentation, a read/write disk cache for better performance of both DOS and microsoft windows application programs. An undelete utility recovers erased files, even on network drives. It has a complete on-line reference guide, command help, and menu-driven install and setup utilities for easy configuration changes.

Novell DOS has internal and external commands like ms-dos. The following commands have been significantly enhanced in Novell DOS: CHKDSK, DISKCOPY, HELP, MEM, REPLACE, UNDELETE, and XCOPY. Novell DOS also includes many new commands such as XDIR, CURSOR, XDEL, TOUCH, SCRIPT, and RENDIR.

Version: 7.