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Meaning of NEWTON

Pronunciation:  'nootn, 'nootn

Matching Terms:  newtonian, newtonian mechanics, newtonian reflector, newtonian telescope, newton-raphson, newton's first law, newton's first law of motion, newton's law, newton's law of gravitation, newton's law of motion, newton's second law, newton's second law of motion, newton's theory of gravitation, newton's third law, newton's third law of motion, newtown wonder

Computing Dictionary

1. (Named after Isaac Newton (1642-1727)). Rapin et al, Swiss Federal Inst Tech, Lausanne 1981. General purpose expression language, syntactically ALGOL-like, with object-oriented and functional features and a rich set of primitives for concurrency. Used for undergraduate teaching at Lausanne (EPFL).

Versions: Newton 2.6 for VAX/VMS and Newton 1.2 for DEC-Alpha/osf-1.

E-mail: J. Hulaas <hulaas@lcodec1.epfl.ch>. .

["Procedural Objects in Newton", Ch. Rapin, SIGPLAN Notices 24(9) (Sep 1989)].

["The Newton Language", Ch. Rapin et al, SIGPLAN Notices 16(8):31-40 (Aug 1981)].

["Programming in Newton", Wuetrich and Menu, EPFL 1982].

2. apple newton.