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Meaning of MUSH

Pronunciation:  mush

Computing Dictionary

1. multi-user shared hallucination.

2. mail users' shell.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: airing, amble, bathos, bazoo, bleeding heart, breakfast food, butter, cataplasm, cereal, chaps, chops, cloyingness, constitutional, cornflakes, countenance, crush, dental pulp, dial, dry cereal, embouchure, face, facies, farina, favor, features, forced march, frumenty, gab, gob, goo, grits, gruel, hasty pudding, hearts-and-flowers, hike, hominy grits, hot cereal, jaunt, jaw, jaws, jowls, kasha, kisser, lineaments, lips, loblolly, mandibles, map, march, mash, maudlinness, maw, mawkishness, maxilla, millet, mouth, mug, mushiness, muzzle, namby-pamby, namby-pambyism, namby-pambyness, nostalgia, nostomania, oatmeal, oral cavity, oversentimentalism, oversentimentality, pan, paper pulp, parade, paste, peripatetic journey, peripateticism, phiz, physiognomy, pith, plaster, porridge, poultice, premaxilla, promenade, pudding, puffed rice, puffed wheat, pulp, pulp lead, pulpwood, puss, rag pulp, ramble, rolled oats, romanticism, row, sauce, saunter, schlep, sentiment, sentimentalism, sentimentality, slop, sloppiness, slush, smash, soap opera, sob story, sponge, squash, stretch, stroll, sulfate pulp, sulfite pulp, sweetness and light, tearjerker, traipse, tramp, trap, trudge, turn, visage, walk, walking tour, wheatflakes, white lead, wood pulp, yap