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Meaning of MPEG-3

Matching Terms:  mpeg, mpeg-1, mpeg-1 audio layer 1, mpeg-1 audio layer 3, mpeg-1 layer 3, mpeg-2, mpeg-2 aac low profile, mpeg-2 audio layer 3, mpeg-2 low sampling frequencies extention, mpeg-2 lsf, mpeg-2 mc, mpeg-2 multi channel extention, mpeg-2.5 audio layer 3, mpeg-21, mpeg-4, mpeg-4 aac main profile, mpeg-4 aac ssr, mpeg-4 advanced audio coding scalable sampling rat, mpeg-4 harmonic vector excitation, mpeg-4 harmonics, individual lines and noise, mpeg-4 hiln, mpeg-4 hvxc, mpeg-7, mpegplus

Computing Dictionary

A proposed variant of the mpeg video and audio compression algorithm and file format. MPEG-3 was intended as an extension of mpeg-2 to cater for hdtv but was eventually merged into MPEG-2.

Not to be confused with MP3 - mpeg-1 layer 3.