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Meaning of MOUSO

Matching Terms:  mouse, mouse ahead, mouse around, mouse arrest, mouse belt, mouse button, mouse click, mouse deer, mouse droppings, mouse ear, mouse eared chickweed, mouse elbow, mouse hare, mouse mat, mouse model, mouse nest, mouse pad, mouse trails, mouse trap, mouse-colored, mouse-ear, mouse-ear chickweed, mouse-ear cress, mouse-ear hawkweed, mouse-eared bat, mousefish, mousehole, mousekin, mouselike, mouser, mouse's nest, mousetail, mouse-tooth forceps, mousetrap, mousey, mousie, mousing, mousle, mousquetaire, mousquetaire cuff, mousquetaire glove, moussaka, mousse, mousseline, mousseline de soie, mousseline de sole, moussorgsky, moustache, moustache cup, moustachio, mousy

Computing Dictionary

/mow'soh/ (By analogy with "typo") An error in mouse usage resulting in an inappropriate selection or graphic garbage on the screen.

Compare thinko.

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