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Meaning of MODEF

Matching Terms:  mode, mode bit, modecate, model, model checking, model organisms, model t, model view controller, model(a), model-based coder, modeled, modeler, modeling, modelize, modeller, modelling, modem, modem7, modena, modenese, moder, moderable, moderance, moderate, moderate breeze, moderate gale, moderated, moderately, moderateness, moderating, moderation, moderationist, moderatism, moderato, moderator, moderatorship, moderatress, moderatrix, modern, modern ballet, modern dance, modern english, modern era, modern font, modern greek, modern hebrew, modern jazz, modern man, modern times, modern world, modern-day, moderne, modernisation, modernise, modernised, modernism, modernist, modernistic, modernity, modernization, modernize, modernized, modernizer, modernly, modernness, modest, modest moussorgsky, modest mussorgsky, modest petrovich moussorgsky, modest petrovich mussorgsky, modestly, modestness, modesty

Computing Dictionary

Pascal-like language with polymorphism and data abstraction. "Definition of the Programming Language MODEF", J. Steensgard-Madsen et al, SIGPLAN Notices 19(2):92-110 (Feb 1984).