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Meaning of MINUS

Pronunciation:  'mInus

Matching Terms:  minuartia, minuend, minuet, minuit, minum, minus infinity, minus sign, minus strand nucleic acid, minuscular, minuscule, minutary, minute, minute book, minute gun, minute hand, minute of arc, minute steak, minute-jack, minutely, minuteman, minuteness, minutes, minutia

Computing Dictionary


Common: dash; itu-t: hyphen; itu-t: minus. Rare: intercal: worm; option; dak; bithorpe.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: barring, bereaved, bereaved of, bereft, cut off, decrement, deduction, deficient, denuded, deprived of, devoid, discounting, divested, except, excepting, exception taken of, excluding, exclusive of, existless, from, inadequate, inferior, insufficient, lacking, leaving out, less, minuend, missing, negative, nonexistent, not counting, null, off, out of, parted from, plus, positive, robbed of, sans, save, shorn of, short, short of, stripped of, subtrahend, unexisting, unreached, vacuous, void, wanting, without, without being