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Meaning of MIC-1

Matching Terms:  mic-2, mica, micaceo-calcareous, micaceous, micah, micah, book of, micaiah, micawber, mice, micell, micella, micelle, mich, micha, michael, michael ellis de bakey, michael faraday, michael gerald tyson, michael jackson, michael joe jackson, michael ondaatje, michael philip jagger, michaelmas, michaelmas daisy, michaelmas day, michaelmastide, michaiah, michal, michel de notredame, michel eyquem montaigne, michel montaigne, michel ney, michelangelesque, michelangelo, michelangelo buonarroti, michelangelo merisi da caravaggio, michelson, michelson-morey experiment, michener, micher, michery, michigan, michigan algorithm decoder, michigan lily, michigander, miching, michinomiya hirohito, michmash, michmethah, michri, michtam, mick, mick jagger, mickey, mickey charles mantle, mickey finn, mickey mantle, mickey mouse, mickey mouse program, mickey spillane, mickle, micmac, micmacs, mico, miconazole, micr, micracoustic, micraster, micrencephalous, micro, micro-, micro assembly 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Computing Dictionary

Microprogramming language, used in andrew tanenbaum's book.

See mac-1.

[Structured Computer Organization, A.S. Tanenbaum, 3rd ed, P-H 1989, Sect 4.4, 4.5].