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Meaning of LYCOS

Matching Terms:  lycopene, lycoperdaceae, lycoperdales, lycoperdon, lycopersicon, lycopersicon esculentum, lycopersicon esculentum cerasiforme, lycopersicum, lycophyta, lycopod, lycopode, lycopodiaceae, lycopodiaceous, lycopodiales, lycopodiate, lycopodineae, lycopodite, lycopodium, lycopodium alopecuroides, lycopodium alpinum, lycopodium clavitum, lycopodium complanatum, lycopodium lucidulum, lycopodium obscurum, lycopodium selago, lycopsida, lycopus, lycopus americanus, lycopus europaeus, lycopus virginicus, lycosa, lycosa tarentula, lycosidae, lycotropous

Computing Dictionary

A world-wide web index, served by carnegie mellon university. It allows you to search on document title and content for a list of keywords. Lycos is probably the biggest such index on the web. By April 1995, the Lycos database contained 2.95 million unique documents.

The Lycos database is built by a web crawler that can bring in 5000 documents per day. The index searches document title, headings, links, and keywords it locates in these documents.

The Lycos servers are efficient but overloaded. Failure to connect or "please try later" messages are common.